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Cece DuBois - Custom portraiture

Mother Love
Mother Love
Cece DuBois

Cece DuBois has dedicated her life to art from an early age. In this interview, we briefly touch on her process and future plans. Enjoy!

Cece, what is your background in art?

My first word was 'pencil'! I won state art awards in junior high and attended high school and college on art scholarships. I have done commissioned works since high school! My current focus on custom portraiture.

Can you tell us a little about your process and chosen mediums?

I love working in gouache, because it's fast drying and malleable. It's a wonderful medium for casual portraits. I also work in acrylics and oils, and enjoy using the Old Masters technique. The portrait featured here is titled, "Mother Love". I was called by a man who saw my portrait ad in ‘Parents' magazine and wanted to have a portrait done of his wife. This was their third and final pregnancy. He wanted to have something special to remember the time. After the initial photos and consultation with his wife, I came back to my studio, put on the jazz music I always listen to and began the work.

The paper I like to use is 400 lb. hot press imported from France. It has a wonderful body. It seems to allow the medium to literally ‘float' on top of it. The medium for this particular work is gouache with pastel overlay and detail. I like to use multiple mediums when I am not working in oils because I think it gives the work more depth.

What are your plans for the future?
I am working on my website where I will market portrait commissions. I am also planning to begin a series of paintings involving children, with the idea of a show. My 'children's portraits' exhibit is something I've had in the back of my mind for quite some time. The inspiration is the beauty of children and their activities. I think it would be interesting to follow children through the course of a day, creating ‘painted snapshots' of moments that - in the bigger picture - we consider pretty unremarkable. Yet when we freeze the frame, so to speak, these moments are the very moments that steal our hearts away.

Is there anything you would like to add?
Painting is like breathing. If I couldn't do it, I almost feel I would not be able to breathe.

Thank you Cece for participating in the Nashville Fine Arts interview series!

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