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Ceasefire deal between Sudan and Darfur rebel group a possibility


  • Boondocks 6 years ago

    You know, if some of these African people stopped fighting with themselves so much and realized what they could accomplish together, some of those African nations could become awesome power brokers. Just consider the natural wealth of countries rich in gold, silver, and diamond mines, not to mention oil!

    But I suppose as long as they ARE rich in those, there will be constant infighting, with every country that wants what they have throwing their weight into the fight on someone's side, making sure they prolong the battle, to get the cheapest (for somebody) prices on whatever they want.

    Damn, humans are a worthless, inhumane species...

  • Phil L. Nippert 6 years ago

    Notice that SLA led by Abd al-Wahid Mohammad al-Nur did not choose to pariticipate in the Qatar peace process which resulted in this accord. It is often reported that many, if not all IDPs consider him their representative amongst all the rebel groups. Al-Nur consistently has said he would not negotiate until the militias are disarmed and civilians are no longer attacked. Were these terms in the JEM GOS peace deal? Remember the description of post-NGO expulsion Darfur outlined in the UN Panel of Experts report that came out late last October: were there any points in this accord that would address what was needed to stop attacks against civilians, allow for aid groups to return to pre 3-4-09 numbers and capacity, removal of persons who have taken over IDP's land, or that would stop the war between Sudan and Chad (in which each nation backs the other's rebels), or anything to stop the flow of arms into the country (let alone Darfur) from China, Russia and other countries?

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