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Cease Fire In Ukraine

Cease Fire In Ukraine
Cease Fire In Ukraine
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Wednesday morning saw a possible thaw in the tension between Russia and the Ukraine. Many newspapers are reporting that Ukrainian President Poroshenko had leaked that a permanent cease fire in the Donbass region of Eastern Ukraine is in the works. This would include Donetsk and Luhansk where serious fighting has been taking place for months. This announcement has not been confirmed by Russia. If this is confirmed then a couple of things have taken place. That the Ukraine doesn't see an end to the conflict with government troops being able to defeat the rebels militarily. It also could be that with Russia's new involvement using recently aquired troops and armor in the Ukraine that the rebels received the needed boost it was looking for from Russia.

This also could be where Russia acknowledging that the Ukraine wanting to join NATO was too much for Russia to deal with and Putin is conceding some leeway to the Ukraine in an effort to deter them from going over to the west and NATO.

Either way if true then a cease fire coming right before a major NATO summit taking place in Wales could ease the tensions that have arisen over the last week. At this moment President Obama is in Estonia easing the tension that the former Soviet Union satellite has been feeling with the invasion of Ukraine by the Russians last week. Estonia has spoken with NATO about whether the organization is capable of military action if Russia heads towards its borders.

If the cease fire was to take place between Russia, the Rebels and the Ukrainian government the world could breathe a little easier. Just one problem though, if Putin had talked with Poroshenko on the phone and if this conversation did actually take place. Why should we believe Putin would actually go along with it. So far he has lied through all of the Ukrainian conflict. So we wait and see if this is true and all we can do is hope that a cease fire in the Ukrainian conflict will happen.