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CDTA restructuring focus within Albany

Old and new shelters and stops
Old and new shelters and stops
photos: Rich Nugent

A general overview of the differences between the previous and new CDTA services seems to indicate that if you are within the immediate Albany city limits there has been an improvement. However once you pass that boundary the Capital District Transportation authority is more properly named the Albany City Transportation Authority.

Reviewing the effects of the most recent phase of the CDTA route restructuring has revealed some interesting attitudes. When interviewing riders on the buses many prefer to remain anonymous. Understandable since they do not want to start off the day arguing the merits, or demerits, of their daily commute. Drivers themselves are reluctant to offer candid comments, also understandable. When photos were taken or simple question asked some seemed defensive.

Contacting earlier riders provided some additional comments. H. N. reported that the timing and number of riders of the 719 has not changed since the Phase 2 implementation. Andrew from Delmar said riding time to his place of employment on upper Central is now almost an hour, up significantly from before. Jacqueline Foss from Schenectady uses the 905 Bus Plus. The limited number of stops decreases riding time somewhat. There is an increased ridership during peak hours, which means that overcrowding and standing most of the trip has become comparable to the New York City subway.

For further information queries were sent to CDTA itself. Immediately following the publication of the initial article some questions were sent through at the Albany division office and also the ON-LINE COMMENT FORM. No reply came by the time of the second, some two weeks later, and another request was made on November 27th. The only response received was an automated message thanking us for contacting CDTA and indicating that a response would be forthcoming per their comment policy.

Logging on to their website and finding the public, positive information about these Phases is easy. Comments and answers from the Authority seem to be the opposite

For some questions the web site provided some answers. Questions such as the financial impact of the removal and changes in routes in the last two phases and what were the reactions CDTA had obtained from the riders.

The current round of route changes for Albany and the surrounding communities have been completed. At least until further analysis under the Travel Demand Management Programs.There are a few TDMP studies that provided the criteria used in developing the changes.

  • The reports, available on CDTA's website are, 2008-2009 Annual Report for TDPrograms, 2010 Annual Report for TDM Programs, 2011 Annual Report for TDM Programs

No report has yet been issued detailing the impact so far. Look forward to the 2012 Annual Report sometime in 2013. In the mean time any information may be obtained from the following sources. Call CDTA Customer Service Department weekdays 6:00AM to 7:00PM and on weekends from 8:00AM until 6:00PM at 518 482-8822. You may also write them at the same Customer Service Department, 110 Watervliet Ave. Albany, NY 12206. Another contact possibility is Carrie Ward or call 518 437-6865.