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CDC advises people during Swine Flu...

President Obama has advised the American people not to panic during this Global alert where he has declared an American emergency since the outbreak of Swine flu virus which at last count left over 1600 people in Mexico sick from the disease & over 100 dead. The Swine flu seems to have originated in Mexico, affecting a four year old child who had come into contact with pigs along Mexican farmlands. The virus according to medical experts can live on pigs without any problem, but once transmitted to humans can cause the effects of illness & death as reported.

The 9 countries affected includes the USA, reporting up to 40 cases in states like Texas, Ohio, New York, Kansas and Illinois, although at last report,  there had been no deaths and Illinois, according to channel 5 news reports had a possible case about a man in his 30s returning from Mexico on Thrusday & being admitted to Northwestern Hospital here on Saturday. The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) stresses reasons for concern, placing a 5 day timable on seeing an increase in the virus in the United States. Richard Besser, acting CDC director in Atlanta states "I'm not reasurred that we have not seen the more severe cases. We're very concerned."  

Stressing the need for corcern, yet advising people not to panic. These medical experts are offering folks ways to protect themselves by being proactive. They are not advised to rush out & buy Tamiflu & Relenza, the two drugs that combats this virus, unless they have been affected. It will only mess up your immunity toward the virus if taken before getting affected. If you experience the symptoms that are the same as regular flu, you must get to a doctors office within 48 hours of experiencing the flu like symptoms: Fever above 100.5...Cough, persistent & dry...Diarrhea & vomiting...sore throat...muscle aches, runny nose and a feeling really, really sick.

The  most effective ways of preventing this virus: Hand washing for 20 seconds. Cover your mouth when cough/sneeze. Stay away from people who are sick...Stay away from crowded places...Avoid hug/kisses during next 5 days...boost your immune system. Do not think that having had a recent flu shot, that you will be ok. The flu shot doesn't protect you against getting the Swine Flu...Keep abreast of what's happening in order to protect you & your family against this latest epidemic...

For other ways to help prevent this outbreak, visit the website at ABC