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CD Review -The Bunny, The Bear -Food Chain 2014 Victory Records

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Original , that’s the one word that come to mind when one thinks of “ The Bunny The Bear “ I have seen literally thousands and thousands of acts and artists and one word comes to mind over and over again ,original . The Bunny The Bear is a genre defying act and I am very happy to review their forth full length release which will be available via Victory Records on March 18 .The band started in 2008 as a collaboration between The Bunny aka Matthew Tybor and The Bear aka Chris Hutka and the band has grown and matured leaps and bounds since their humble beginnings and is now poised for musical world domination . Ladies and gentleman I present to you “ Food Chain “ The title track “ Food Chain “ opens up the disk with soft piano and immediately burst into the aggressive vocals styling’s of Tybor along with machine gun type guitars . Up next is “ The Seeds We Sow “ and the beautiful angelic voice of Hutka starts off the track however the verse melody of Matt Tybor was a unique surprise .This is the most radio friendly song I have really heard from them with the lyrics giving opposing points of view .The moody and surreal “ Cancer “ follows next . Even thou the band that is providing studio work is not listed on this download I would like to say they are outstanding musicians and the pure emotion heard in the music is heartfelt .I really like the song “ Cancer “ and this is an excellent follow up to the “ Stories “ album . The electro dance inspired “ Pale Green Eyes “ is pretty aggressive with great hooks and changes . The intense overload of “ So Smooth ,So Appealing “ is like looking at a crowd of people and trying to find one in a massive crowd . There is a lot musically going on with this song but some how the band makes it work .The melody finally comes through in a vision of beauty . The soft beautiful voices of a children chorus opens up “ A Mothers Love “ and albeit is a very short song its almost like a mental pause to have you reflect upon own thoughts on being a child . The computer inspired “ First Met You “ is a little pop number with catchy riffs and chorus . I could definitely see this in a movie . The ominous “ Skyscraper “ is a dark and moody number with highs that soar as high as a skyscraper and yes the pun was intended . “ Up next is “ Flying Like A Bird “ is a whirlwind of musical stimulus and it a little hard to follow but its has a great chorus . The track “ High Tides and Swimming Conditions “ is another radio friendly type song and I am glad because I would like this band to get some mainstream success .The verse and chorus work great together and the melody is uplifting . The last song is “ Lost “ and it’s a great choice as a closer for this album .I found this album to be less aggressive then some of their past releases however the musical writing has grown and matured a great deal . I would recommend this disk to anyone but when alone or on a long drive will really deliver its full impact . The Bunny The Bear will be doing a spring tour as support for Mindless Self Indulgence , to see if they are coming to a city near you please check out the bands official Victory Records webpage at