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CD Review: Sinister - "Hate"



Sinister - Hate
Nuclear Blast (1995)

Rating: C-

Never let the bassist write your riffs. That's the lesson to be learned from Sinister's third full-length release -- though first without seasoned guitarist Andre Tolhuizen. Imagine a whole album of rhythm tracks with nary a lick, solo or melody in sight and you have a sound image of why Hate marked the beginning of the end for the Tolhuizen-less Sinister: like the recordings that follow it, Hate is all rhythm and no soul.

Notes: Stick with the first two Sinister albums, Cross the Styx and Diabolical Summoning, but avoid the 2009 digipack releases from Metal Mind, a label known for its low-quality, cash-grabbing reissues.

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  • Cynical 5 years ago

    Are you out of your mind? "Hate", no melody? Surely you must be listening to a different album. I mean, have you heard "Awaiting the Absu"? Or "To Mega Therion"? Or anything else from the album?

  • Cynical 5 years ago

    While I completely agree with what you wrote, what I find even more perplexing than the "we want evil black metallers, but friendly ones!" disconnect is how anyone can disagree with a guy who was clearly being an attention-seeker being hurt. Can anyone actually say that they don't think that the world wouldn't be better with fewer attention-seeking antics getting in the way at concerts? And what a better way to discourage such behavior that people being hurt when it does happen?

  • Cynical 5 years ago

    How did that second comment show up here, instead of the article it was intended for? Disregard it (or delete it, if you feel so inclined).