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CD Review: Shock of Pleasure, Not My Angel



When I first heard about Shock of Pleasure, I was listening to the Lex and Terry morning radio show about a year ago. They were promoting the band as a great local act that everyone should experience.


Well they were right. Shock of Pleasure is a refreshing and cool change to the usual music that is out there. They have that lounge music sound, the kind that would be played in clubs on the dance floor. But take away the brightly colored clothes and strong DJ feel that comes with it.


Lead singer Kelley Christian is a former model and perfect for this band. Her voice is silky and seductive, and has just the right pace and volume for the beats. SOP has digital effects in their songs, but not too many where you feel overloaded.


The group is from DFW, and will be re-releasing their first album with a couple of new songs in September. Not My Angel is their EP version of the album.


On the EP, they have two tracks (“Not My Angel” and “Mystery Loves Company”) in two different forms, club remixes and the radio versions. In the “Not My Angel” remix, Christian resembles Madonna on her Hard Candy album. The same coolness Madonna goes for with loud and fast paced beats going off behind her can be attributed to Christian as well.


They did pick the strongest singles off of the EP to have two different versions of. “Mystery Loves Company” has a slower melody played by the piano, and the lyrics are more spotlighted. “Not My Angel” is more of a party song.


Their producer, David Castell, has been in the industry for over 15 years and you can tell by this band. Their album has strong cover art, the tracks sound great, and the band’s look matches their sound.


Shock of Pleasure will be playing around Dallas in August and September.  Their full-length re-release of Not My Angel comes out in September.