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CD Review - ONE MACHINE "The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth"

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ONE MACHINE The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth
Scarlet Records (2014)

Steve Smyth is back at it again with a great new release. This one will with no doubt leave you in awe from the get-go. This release has everything you can possibly think of that when listening to it will make you want to break something next to you. A total guitar arsenal onslaught from beginning to end.

“The Distortion of Lies And the Overdriven Truth” provides not only a guitarist dream album but an extremely creative and melodic power driven tracks that will keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of the next song. Smyth’s guitar work is one that does leave you in awe when you hear him shredding away. The vocals are strong and works great with the rest of the mix. One Machine is built upon the hand picking musicians from Smyth and it is a true extraordinary supergroup. “The Distortion of Lies And the Overdriven Truth” does not follow the path of anything out today. It is developing its own path. At times you can hear some of the old bands vibe that Smyth has been in and it complements the arrangements (Listen to “Kill The Hope Inside”). “One Machine” is an example of a song that doesn’t follow any other band’s sound. It is heavy, erratic, and the melody line keeps the song cohesive. The solo in this track is fierce, concise and screams. “Evict The Enemy” starts off with massive riffs and growling vocals, than rolls into the melodic vibe of insanity. A strong song to listen to and get the vibe of the complete album.

“The Distortion of Lies And the Overdriven Truth” was recorded and produced by Steve Smyth and the mixing was handled by Roy Z.

Overall: I give “The Distortion of Lies And the Overdriven Truth” a 5/5 Stars. This is a musician masterpiece. Filled with dynamics from the beginning to the end. There are so soft or sissy spots on this release. It is fluid, it gives the musicians their opportunity to show what they are made of and it is one heavy album.


1. The Distortion of Lies And the Overdriven Truth
2. Crossed Over
3. Kill The Hope Inside
4. Armchair Warriors
5. Defiance
6. One Machine
7. Into Nothing
8. Evict The Enemy
9. Last Star Alights
10. Freedom And Pain


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