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CD Review: Klaus Schulze - "Moondawn"



Klaus Schulze - Moondawn

Brain Records (1976)

Rating: A-

When it comes to music, the Germans are primarily known for three things: '80s speed metal, classical music and electronica. Though composed well before the time of metal bands like Destruction or Helloween, Moondawn is otherwise a landmark of German architecture, combining the dense sound and expansive narrative form of orchestral music with the bloops and bleeps of the newly created Moog synthesizer. A bedrock of improvisational drumming from accompanist Harald Grosskopf cements Moondawn's status as a monument of contemporary German music. If Bruckner, with his symphonies, created "cathedrals in sound," then Schulze, by comparison, must surely be in the business of crafting rocket ships.

Notes: Avoid the newer versions of Moondawn that contain various bonus tracks; they only prolong what it meant to be a precise, calculated journey.

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