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CD Review -Jose Garzon - The Heartbreak Symphony in Drop D

Albulm Cover
Albulm Cover
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I am an opened minded person and judging a book by it cover is not how a way to live ones life so I am opened minded to try new things . I recently had a chance to see Jose Garzon open for The Bunny The Bear and was impressed . Impressed enough to tell him I liked his performance and that’s when he slapped a CD in my hand and said give it a listen . Well I did and I am very glad I did so . The EP opens with “ Fly Away “ a quick paced song with creative changes . Its about what the best songs are about and that central theme being LOVE .The melody and driving guitars are really fun and quick paced . Up next is “ Stay Alive “ a more serious song again about the pitfalls of love . I can definably see this act performing on Warped Tour or on a movie soundtrack great vocals on this one and the drums really shine . I can defiantly see the connection to the title of the album . The third track is “ Amanda “ which I can only assume its about a relationship gone bad and the lies we tell ourselves about who we are . I like the sound of the guitars and the engineering is top notch . Every song is radio friendly . I hope you Spanish is up to date because the next song is “ Aungue Me Odies ( Una Cerveza )“ not sure whats its about about but the bass line really rocks and the bridge is fun . The band on this disk is Jose Garzon on vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, Mike Herrera on bass guitar and drums by Keef West . I look forward to following this artists career development The album came out in 2013 by Sunset Management and the bands official tumblr is