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CD Review: Dirty Little Mouth, A Mouthful


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At first glance, Dirty Little Mouth’s A Mouthful cover gives off a hard rock vibe. But when the opening track, appropriately named “Welcome,” comes on it takes some of the grime off of their name.


This is their first album, which could be considered an EP, is a 6-track compilation of electric rock with stimulating background vocals. It’s almost as if the Spice Girls acted as background singers and decided to make an album with a random rock band. It’s not that the vocals aren’t strong or right on key, but they don’t mix with what it seems the band is going for on their album cover.


The second track, “Sexy Just Like Me”, combines an intensifying intro with wake up and dance notes that really announce their presence. It’s a very unique and energizing type of rock. The lyrics deserve a nod; they aren’t typical or overly redundant.


One detail noticed is DLM’s emphasis on long intros. They open a majority of their songs with a 30-second or longer foreword. The guitar work is worthy of its’ own intros, but maybe not on every track.


Their funky guitar rhythm really blends well with their beats and vocals. Sometimes the instruments take an 80’s hair-band path, with the dramatic strumming of the strings.


“Believe” is a refreshing surprise because it slows down the mood and proves they have more than just loud, happy tracks. It’s almost preferred over their other sound. The background vocals (provided by Whitney and Jolene) really give a backbone to this track. Again, good lyrics. This is another way Dirty Little Mouth shows they have more than what’s apparent.


The album is produced nicely, very clear and crisp. From what I can tell, they aren’t exactly a staple in Dallas. But they are on their way. Their Myspace says they’re working on new material, and they have a few shows coming up around Dallas.