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CD Projekt RED: 'There are no quicktime events in The Witcher 3'

Wolves are just one of the many creatures seeking to kill you.
Wolves are just one of the many creatures seeking to kill you.
CD Projekt Red

A cinematic experience isn't always the best for players. Quicktime events often result in a more dramatic experience, but to some players the lack of control is a turnoff. Scripted events are one thing but when the developer tells you how this specific combat interaction should turn out, many find themselves dissatisfied. CD Projekt Red shares the latter opinion and wants players to feel empowered, knowing that they're striking every swing of the sword. In our exclusive interview with Gameplay Designer Andrzej Kwiatkowski, he comments on this very matter.

"The combat system in The Witcher 3 is very tactical and offers a whole lot in the strategy department," says Kwiatkowski.

"First of all, Geralt has two swords: a silver sword that is used to fight monsters and a steel one he uses to kill humans and animals. So, at the beginning of each fight, players have to determine what kind of enemy they are dealing with and select the proper tool for the job."

As far as battle itself goes Kwiatkowski believes that players will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

"Combat is very fluid and intuitive as one button press translates to a sword swing - this allows players to precisely time their strikes and devise tactics based on monster behavior." And while this is going on, the player will remain entirely in control, "There are no QTEs in The Witcher 3, so we won’t interrupt skirmishes and it’s always you who’ll deliver the final blow."

And with the increased emphasis on hunting monsters, each and every one of those kills will resonate more with players.

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