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CBS unveils 'The Amazing Race,' 'Survivor' premiere dates

Phil Keoghan, host of CBS' 'The Amazing Race.'

Winter primetime TV viewing got you down? Well, hold on to your Express Pass and tribal council torch, CBS has thrown you a lifeline.

The network announced on Wednesday that “The Amazing Race” and “Survivor” will return in February.

The Phil Keoghan-hosted “Amazing Race” will return on Sunday, Feb. 23, and will feature 11 “all-star” teams from seasons past that are returning for a second shot at the show’s $1 million prize.

Jeff Probst is back for another go around as host for the 28th season of “Survivor,” which takes place in Cagayan, Philippines. The show’s theme for the upcoming season is “Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty” and will see contestants divided into three tribes.

“Survivor” will kick off with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

Personal Take

The Amazing Race” is, by far, the best “reality” show on TV and, because of its exotic travel destinations, goes a long way in lighting a spark in this viewer’s desire to pump cash into the travel industry.

“The Amazing Race” is not immune to the power of editing – which can manipulate any situation – but with the nature of the competition, those instances are inherently kept to a minimum.

As for the identity of the 11 “all-star” teams returning to “The Amazing Race,” if you put much stock in the 30-second trailer, a host of fan favorites will return, including The Globetrotters, cowboys, and YouTube sensations.

Don’t put too much stock in that trailer. The announcer never identifies which of the teams on the trailer will be a part of the season. Could be another instance of manipulative editing.

“Survivor” is one of those shows that are hanging on past its prime—much like Fox’s “American Idol.” The format is tired, the drama obviously staged, and the contestants are insufferable. Enough, already!

In spite of continued viewing of “reality” programming, this reviewer longs for the day when this type of programming is a thing of the past.

“The Amazing Race,” upon its return, will air on KUTV 2 at 7 p.m. on Sundays in Provo, while “Survivor” will broadcast at 7 p.m. on the same channel on Wednesdays.

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