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CBS 'Person of Interest' is Maria part of corrupt United Nations in the U.S.?

The crime drama called, “Person of Interest” (CBS) can be seen each Tuesday evening at 10/9 p.m. Last night's episode on March 25, 2014 was called, “Allegiance.” In the overnight TV ratings it garnered 12.25 million TV viewers overall. It reached 2.0 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic.

Fusco & Shaw protect client
CBS Television

In the same 10 p.m. time period. “Chicago Fire” (NBC) was a repeat episode & it grabbed 4.02 million TV viewers overall. It reached 1.0 with adults. “Mind Games” (ABC) nabbed another paltry 1.90 overall & 0.6 with adults.

Person of Interest” stars, James Caviezel (John Reese), Kevin Chapman (Lionel Fusco), Sarah Shahi (Samantha Shaw), Amy Acker (Root) & Michael Emerson (Harold Finch).

The government is watching you & there are cameras everywhere. “Allegiance” opened with Samantha watching a woman named Maria Martinez who is taking inventory in a secluded wear-house. Harold tells Samantha that Maria travels a lot & works for an energy company. She builds generators for oil rigs around the world.

Maria is the teams next “number” to protect because her life will be in danger. They all listen in on her conversation with a possible terrorist cell. Root calls Harold & doesn't know anything about Maria. She is working on a different case & following John Greer who stole that computer chip last week. He was supposed to have disappeared, but Root is onto him.

Maria talks to a man named Jumal whose brother Omar is being held as an illegal immigrant. He might be a terrorist suspect. Jumal hands Maria a package & they separate. John follows Jumal. Samantha & Fusco follow Maria who herself follows a French male diplomat. He is the head of a group that deals with refugees for the United Nations. Omar is part of a refugee group from the country of Iraq. Maria places a GPS tracker onto the diplomat's limousine.

The French diplomat believes Omar is a possible terrorist. He is the company interpreter for Maria 's job. He will soon be deported because the diplomat is convinced that Omar is part of several terrorist activities. Harold & John pose as lawyers for Omar & they talk to the French diplomat. Meanwhile, Maria is followed by several unknown men. They were sent to kill her. Samantha, Fusco & John intervene by protecting Maria. They still don't know why they have to save her life.

What happened to Jumal? Is Omar part of a terrorist cell? Why are several generators missing from an oil rig in Iraq that Maria's company was supposed to install? - You can watch the full episode of “Allegiance” at the official website of “Person of Interest.”

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