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CBS orders fourth CSI police procedural from Anthony Zuiker

Nothing succeeds like success, and CBS buys into that for what will now be the third spinoff from the ultrasuccessful police procedural, CSI. The Hollywood Reporter noted Feb. 18, 2014, that CBS “is teaming with series creator Anthony E. Zuiker for a spinoff” and “Zuiker and CSI co-creators Carol Mendelson and Ann Donahue will write the script this spring.” The plot is “inspired by Mary Aiken’s work as a cyber-psychologist.”

Anthony Zuicker, creator of the CSI series franchise, has been tapped to create a new spinoff for possible Fall, 2014 show.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Aiken, per her Irish talent agency’s biography, is a cyber-psychologist and Research Fellow at the Royal College of Surgeons Institute of Leadership. Her doctoral research on “Cyber Behavioral Analysis” has made her a popular speaker and consultant because “she applied forensic psychology to Irish Cold Cases.”

Forensic psychology continues to appear at the forefront of identifying, understanding, and resolving the perpetrators of crimes that cannot be understood on the surface at face value. And, it’s a favorited topic of prime time police procedural dramas, especially on CBS. Noteworthy as well that CBS is also considering the two-part “NCIS: New Orleans” as a potential candidate for their fall, 2014 schedule.

Given the No. 1 scripted drama in America—“NCIS”—there’s “NCIS: LA,” “CSI,” and potentially “CSI: Spinoff 3,” plus “Intelligence,” “Blue Bloods,” “Criminal Minds,” “Elementary,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “Person of Interest,” and “The Mentalist,” CBS has their boat loaded with cops, robbers, psychos and wackos, but there's always room for one more, especially from a successful franchise and proven talent.

Even though three extremely talented people will be involved in this series that really is from the primary effort of Anthony Zuiker, it takes the combined expertise of a tremendously talented group of individuals as producers to make the show go. One of the most influential collaborative producers is Jerry Bruckheimer, whose job is to infuse the go-power (i.e., money) into shows and keep them in front of public attention with proper casting, promotion, and lobbying for prime time slot placement.

Here’s a look at the production teams behind the incredible CSI show groupings, courtesy of the Wikipedia community of fans who compile such data (click links for full page information):

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Premiered Oct. 6, 2000, presently in Season 14
Creators: Anthony E. Zuiker
Starring: Ted Danson, Marg Helgenberger, William Peterson
Theme Song: “Who Are You?” (The Who)

Executive Producers:
Carol Mendelsohn
Anthony E. Zuiker
William Petersen
Jerry Bruckheimer
Jonathan Littman
Cynthia Chvatal
Ann Donahue
Kenneth Fink
Naren Shankar
Danny Cannon
Don McGill

CSI: Miami (spinoff of CSI)
Series Run: Sept. 23, 2002 – April 8, 2012
Created by: Anthony E. Zuker, Carol Mendelsohn, and Ann Donahue
Starring: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander, Eva LaRue
Theme Song: “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (The Who)

Carol Mendelsohn
Jerry Bruckheimer
Anthony E. Zuiker
Ann Donahue
Danny Cannon
Jonathan Littman
Nancy Miller
Sam Strangis
David Black

CSI: New York (spinoff of CSI: Miami)
Sept. 22, 2004 – February 22, 2013
Created by:
Starring: Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes, Carmine Giovanazzo, Hill Harper, Kim Delaney, Sela Ward

Theme Song: “Baba O’Riley” (The Who)

Executive Producers
Ann Donahue
Carol Mendelsohn
Anthony E. Zuiker
Jerry Bruckheimer
Pam Veasey
Jonathan Littman
Peter M. Lenkov
Wendy Battles
Zachary Reiter
Danny Cannon
Andrew Lipsitz
Sarah A. Barkley

So what’s it going to take to make the new CSI spinoff successful is a similar grouping of producers who can make the show spring to life and have staying power in a time slot of its own. Plus, a theme song.

If CBS is going to have yet another successful CSI show, it’s time to go back to The Who for their “fourth-time’s-a-charm” magic. Which song from their vast catalog would work best? What’s a good theme for forensic psychology? “Magic Bus”? No, too cheesy. “My Generation”? Doesn’t sound right. “You Better You Bet”? That would work for CSI’s Las Vegas setting as a play on the locale. Next?

My vote would be “Long Live Rock.” Why not? Click on the YouTube video and check out the song. See what you think. First the pilot is written, cast and filmed; then the network buys the spinoff; then the theme song is selected. But if this is the song that Zuiker and company ultimately choose, remember you read it here first!