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CBS 'Jesse Stone: Stone Cold' 2005 Tom Selleck is perfect as Jesse Stone

Robert B. Parker wrote 12 mystery novels following police chief Jesse Stone in Paradise, Massachusetts. 8 of those books were adapted into TV movies on CBS with Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone. It is listed as a TV series. The first movie was called, “Jesse Stone: Stone Cold” & it aired on Feb. 20, 2005.

Tom Selleck
CBS Television

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold” stars, Tom Selleck (Jesse Stone), Viola Davis (Molly Crane), Kohl Sudduth (Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson) & Stephen McHattie (Captain Healy).

This is a recap & review. “Stone Cold” opens with a very cold night off the coast of Paradise. “Suitcase” drives his police truck to the edge of a rocky point. He sees a dog looking at the dead body of his master lying among the rocks. As Jesse drives through the dark streets to the crime scene. Flashes of a couple are seen playing in front of a video camera.

The dead man is named Kenneth who was shot & killed by a .22 caliber gun. The local medical examiner shows up & they don't know what to do with the dog. So, he goes home with Jesse who walks inside to use an old answering machine. His ex-wife Jen leaves a message as Jesse drinks some alcohol. He is tired & lonely plus he has a younger gal pal named Abby Taylor.

A high school girl named Candace was supposedly raped, but her mother doesn't want a small town scandal. Molly Crane who works under Jesse is ordered to watch Candace at the high school. Meanwhile, a couple are having sex in front of a big screen TV. Their names are Andrew & Brianna Lincoln. She later watches the video of the man she claims to have killed. Kenneth is seen playing with his dog on the rocks near the coast.

Jesse & Abby are just sex pals who don't want to commit to a relationship. Meanwhile, Molly watches three teen boys showing Candace photos of them raping her. The leader named Bo Marino threatens that he will kill her if she tells anyone. Molly wants to follow the boys closely. The Lincoln couple watch a video of their next victim who they want to kill.

Jesse has been divorced from his wife Jen for 5 years. He won't let go of her & he's jealous of the men she dates. He claims to consumes too much alcohol & was fired from his job in Los Angeles for drinking. He is now the police chief of Paradise who feels better to just live alone away from other people. Jesse just sits & drinks alcohol before he goes to bed.

Candace presses rape charges against Bo Marino whose father hires a tough lawyer to defend him. Jesse is good at his job even though the town council keeps watching over his shoulder. Abby is the next victim of the couple who are on a killing spree in Paradise. Jesse entraps them without any evidence to arrest. He is all about instinct on the job who plays his hunches. He teaches his deputies how to solve tough crimes.

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