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CBS 'Jesse Stone: Sea Change' A cold case from 1992 is opened up by Jesse

Jesse Stone: Sea Change” (CBS) is the fourth novel adapted into a TV movie based on the books written by Robert B. Parker. This episode aired on Sunday May 22, 2007 from 9-11 p.m. Tom Selleck portrays police chief Jesse Stone in the small town of, Paradise, Massachusetts. He came from Los Angeles as a former homicide detective who was fired for drinking alcohol on the job.

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In the last TV movie called, “Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise.” Luthor (Suitcase) was shot & went into a coma. He is the deputy who had been learning a lot from chief Stone.

Jesse Stone: Sea Change” stars, Tom Selleck (Jesse Stone), Kathy Baker (Rose Gammon), Kohl Sudduth (Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson), Stephen McHattie (Captain Healy), Saul Rubinek (Hasty Hathaway), Viola Davis (Molly Crane) & William Devane (Dr. Dix).

Sea Change” opens with Jesse talking on the phone with his ex-wife Jen. She tells him that they cannot talk each night as much as they used to. The reason is because she is dating another man. Jesse says he is alright with it, but is bothered by it. His dog Reggie always just sits there & watches him. Jesse then goes over to see “Suitcase” whose head wounds have completely healed. He is still in a coma though.

The town council wants Jesse to replace “Suitcase.” Deputy Molly is pregnant & on maternity leave. Rose comes in to answer the police phones. As Jesse reads a book to “Suitcase” we see the yatchs sail across the harbor of Paradise. The water is dark & beautiful at the same time. It is “race week” just off the coast.

Jesse drinks his usual glass of hard liquor & looks at his phone. He hopes it rings so he could talk to Jen, but it doesn't. He finishes most of the the bottle of liquor & calls Molly who is resting along side her husband. Jesse then gets drunk & passes out on his sofa. He goes to Dr. Dix who is his therapist & claims that he can stop drinking but doesn't want to.

Paradise is such a small town & crime is slow. Jesse decides to open a cold case from 1992. There was a bank robbery & a dead body is found which belongs to the bank teller. They dig up the clothes & the teller turns out to be a woman. She was quickly identified by her mother. Jesse is trying to do something to keep his mind off of the new man in Jen's life. He tells Dr. Dix that he is jealous & imagines her with him which makes him want to drink.

As Jesse goes through the cold case file. He later interviews the sister of the dead woman. He is so intuitive that he only needs to ask a few more questions to figure out who killed the bank teller back in 1992. Jesse is that good of a detective. You can watch “Jesse Stone: Seas Change” over at “”

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