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CBS 'Jesse Stone: Night Passage' 2006 police chief Stone comes to 'Paradise'

Jesse Stone: Night Passage” (CBS) is the second TV movie adapted from the novels written by Robert B. Parker. CBS ordered another movie after “Jesse Stone: Stone Cold” was a TV ratings hit in 2005. Tom Selleck portrays Jesse Stone who is the new police chief in the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts. “Night Passage” aired on Sunday January 15, 2006 from 9 to 11 p.m.

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This second TV movie is a pre-quel to “Stone Cold” where the audience meets Jesse Stone for the first time.

Jesse Stone: Night Passage” stars, Tom Selleck (Jesse Stone), Saul Rubinek (Hastings Hathaway), Viola Davis (Molly Crane), Kohl Sudduth (Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson), Polly Shannon (Abby Taylor) & Mike Starr (Lou Carson).

Night Passage” opens with Jesse Stone standing on a dock in Santa Monica, California. He is drunk as a police officer approaches him. Jesse says that he is a former L.A. homicide cop who was fired for drinking alcohol on the job. He sobers up & takes the new job of police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts. Jesse replaces Lou Carson who is retiring.

As Jesse travels the back roads to Paradise. He drinks heavily at night. He calls his soon to be ex-wife Jen from a pay phone. She knows that he is drinking & asks if she is gonna lose him. Lou is given $50,000 from Hastings Hathaway who tells him to leave town. He plans to pay off the new police chief too because he is the president of the Paradise town council.

The news spreads that Jesse is a drunk & he is told right off that the chief's job is run by the town council. There is domestic violence where Jesse intervenes with when the husband doesn't leave when there is a restraining order out on him. Jesse kicks the husband in the crotch & tells him not come back. The town council hears about it & they don't like Jesse bringing his L.A. tactics to a small town.

Jesse drinks alcohol before he goes to bed as his dog “Boomer” watches him. He also teaches his deputy named Luther on how to shoot better at the firing range. He asks why Lou retired so young. Jesse's cop instinct kicks in on the job. Suddenly, Lou's car is driven off a cliff to his death by the husband who broke that restraining order. Hastings & the town council don't realize that they hired Jesse who is an excellent cop.

As Jesse gets to know the town folk. He begins to see that there is money which might be paying off those who try to run the town illegally. Even though Jesse drinks & gets wasted at night before he goes to bed. He can still do his job proficiently. You can buy the DVD or stream online, “Jesse Stone: Night Passage” at “”

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