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CBS 'Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise' 2006 teen girl murdered & dumped in lake

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise” (CBS) is the third TV movie adapted from the novels written by author Robert B. Parker. It stars Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone who is the police chief of a small town named Paradise, Massachusetts. This third episode aired on April 30, 2006 just three months after the broadcast of “Jesse Stone: Night Passage.”

Tom Selleck
CBS Television

Death in Paradise” stars, Chief Jesse Stone (Tom Selleck), Luthor "Suitcase" Simpson (Kohl Sudduth), Dr. Dix (William Devane), Molly Crane (Viola Davis) & Captain Healy (Stephen McHattie).

Paradise” opened with a teen girl's dead body that has washed up in a near by lake. Jesse Stone arrives & he still has to train his deputy how to read a death scene. That includes the town's inexperienced medical examiner. The dead girl was weighted down by a cement block, but the rope that tied her to that block comes loose. Her body rises to the surface.

They find a high school ring near the girls' dead body. Her name is Billy Bishop & Jesse finds out that she was the local school slut. As he drives through the rain we see the Massachusetts landscape which is pretty dreary on the east coast. Billy's death begins to seep into his subconscious & he needs to find out how this she had died.

Jesse theorizes how someone dumped Billy's body in the lake. It becomes a murder. At night after work, he drinks too much alcohol & still cannot let go of his ex-wife Jen. She persuades him to talk to a local therapist. Jesse falls to sleep in his sofa & dreams about how Billy died in that lake. His dog Reggie always sits there watching him no matter what he does.

Jesse goes to the therapist named Dr. Dix who used to be a cop & is an alcoholic. He knows a lot about Jesse & is pretty hard on him when it comes to giving out advice. Jesse drinks because he feels guilty over his mistakes.

Jesse finds out that Billy was 14 years old & pregnant. The ring belonged to a high school athlete who is in training to receive a baseball scholarship. He felt sorry for Billy when he broke up with her. So, he gave her his ring & claims all the guys were sleeping with her. She was smart because her grades were top notch before she came to Paradise.

Billy's father kicked her out of his house when she didn't live up to his standards. Jesse finds out that Billy was involved with a local novelist who might prey on teen girls. He is determined to solve this murder & falls back on his intuition & hunches to get answers from tough questions. You can buy the DVD of “Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise” at “”

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