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CBS 'Hawaii Five-0' Steve & Danno trapped after bomb explosion

The 1970's remake of “Hawaii Five-0” (CBS) can be seen each Friday evening at 9/8 p.m. Last night's episode on April 11, 2014 was called, “Ku l Ka Pili Koko.” In the overnight TV ratings it garnered 9.09 million TV viewers overall. It reached 1.3 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic.

Catherine Rollins
CBS Television

“Shark Tank” (ABC) grabbed 6.49 million TV viewers overall & 1.6 with adults. “Grimm” (NBC) nabbed 4.84 million TV viewers & 1.2 with adults.

Hawaii Five-0” stars, Alex O'Loughlin (Steve McGarrett), Scott Caan (Danny 'Danno' Williams), Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly), Grace Park (Kono Kalakaua), Masi Oka (Dr. Max Bergman) & Michelle Borth (Catherine Rollins).

Ku l Ka Pili Koko” opened with “Five-0” storming an empty parking lot seeking out a gun deal. The lot is empty and Steve it seems got his information wrong. A telephone is ringing inside a maintenance office which Steve & Danno investigate. A man is tied to a chair & that phone is a bomb which goes off. The parking structure goes down on top of Steve & Danno.

In flashback, it is 14 hours earlier where Steve & Danno meet a prisoner named J.C. Decker who tells them that there is a load of illegal guns coming from the Philippines. It will happen in the next hour, but he wants something in exchange for that information.

Back in the present, Steve wakes up under the fallen cement rubble of the parking structure. He screams for Danno who is still buried somewhere under all the wreckage. On the outside parking lot, Chin Ho, Kono & Catherine receive minor injuries. Danno is trapped under a concrete block & he is a claustrophobic person. Steve tries to keep him calm who works on getting that block off of his partner.

A small steel bar that holds cement together had wedged into Danno's waist. Steve instantly pulls it out. Danno starts an argument & asks Steve to admit he was wrong in getting that information from J.C. Chin Ho & Kono go back to Decker to find out why he gave the wrong information. He claims that the gun deal was legitimate.

Will Chin Ho & Kono track down the real information on who lead them to the wrong gun deal? Can the fire department rescue Steve & Danno who are trapped alive? Did someone set up the “Five-0” team for death? You can watch the full episode of “Ku l Ka Pili Koko” at the official website of “Hawaii Five-0.”

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