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CBS, Harry Smith ColonWatch: day -1

Early Show anchor, Harry Smith, before they removed his dignity.
Early Show anchor, Harry Smith, pictured here before surgeons remove the last shred of his dignity tomorrow.

As reported here yesterday, the so-called Tiffany Network (CBS) is going ahead with their LIVE broadcast from inside Harry Smith's colon, tomorrow on the Early Show.  As reported earlier, Katie Couric will be there as he undergoes the procedure.  Apparently, since her husband died from colon cancer, she is obsessed by all things having to do with the colon. 

We believe it's important for a celebrity to have an expertise, a trademark issue about which she cares deeply.  Many years from now, whenever the word "colon" is mentioned, likely you will think of Katie Couric. 

For Katie, she will always be remembered as that women who was so focused on our colons.

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