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CBS 'Elementary' Joan Watson is abducted after Mycroft's mistakes

The modern day Sherlock Holmes “Elementary” (CBS) can be seen each Thursday evening at 10/9 p.m. Last night's episode on May 1, 2014 was called, “Paint it Black.” In the overnight TV ratings it garnered 7.81 million TV viewers overall. It reached 1.6 million TV viewers in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic.

Joan Watson is abducted
CBS Television

In that same time period at 10 p.m. “Black Box” (ABC) grabbed 5.41 million TV viewers overall & 1.3 with adults. “iHeart Radio Music Awards” (NBC) which aired from 8 -11 p.m. It nabbed 5.45 million TV viewers overall & 1.7 with adults.

Elementary” stars, Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock Holmes), Lucy Liu (Dr. Joan Watson), Jon Michael Hill (Detective Marcus Bell) & Aidan Quinn (Captain Tobias Gregson).

Paint it Black” opened with Mycroft Holmes receiving an iphone call from Joan Watson. It is not her voice at the other end though. It is of the man who had abducted her. Sherlock keeps calling her too, but she won't pick up her iphone. He leaves another message. Watson finds herself tied to a chair sitting in a dingy apartment room.

Sherlock gets information out of Mycroft about a small crime syndicate working out of his restaurant. Mycroft struck a deal with a man who is searching for a banker named Pierce Norman who is from Switzerland. He went underground & has a list of U.S. bankers who are hiding their money. If Pierce decides to sell this list to other governments or crime organizations. It will be worth billions on the open market.

Sherlock has only 48 hours to figure out where Watson is. When they find her, he wants his brother Mycroft to leave their lives forever. They both go to their father's banker who of course is Pierce. As Watson sits tied up, one of the men in the next room who is seriously wounded which she can help out with.

The NSA has caught up with Sherlock & Mycroft. They are also after Pierce Norman who has been running fake charities to cover up money that supports terrorism in the U.S. Sherlock tells the NSA that they have been hired to find the list so they can get Watson back.

Will the abductors kill Watson? Can Sherlcok & Mycroft find Pierce & his list? Will the NSA charge Sherlock with espionage? You can watch the full episode of “Paint it Black” at the official website of “Elementary.”

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