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CBS Atlanta to CBS 46: How this impacts viewers

CBS 46 New Mic Flag
CBS 46 New Mic Flag

Good morning readers,

Well...its official! The lowest rated station in Atlanta has potential again! As of yesterday, what used to be CBS Atlanta now has a new branding! It will henceforth be called....drum roll please...CBS 46! According to Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, CBS Atlanta wasn't resonating with viewers as executives at its owner Meredith had hoped. Executives at CBS Atlanta say that all of the other high-rated local stations in Atlanta have been branding themselves using their channel numbers. For instance, WSB-TV prefers to call itself Channel 2, WXIA-TV (NBC) prefers to call itself 11Alive, and WAGA-TV prefers to call itself Fox 5. So now CBS Atlanta will be reverting back to what it used to call itself up until a few years ago, CBS 46.

Along with this rebranding comes a complete studio revamp with a skyline backdrop and the like, as well as a new general manager, Trey Fabacher, who led the revamp.

Now, what does this mean for viewers? I am glad you asked. Here is a breakdown (This is pure speculation based on articles I've read and research done):

  • Better stories
  • Higher ratings, which, for viewers, means better local news programming
  • Possibly more documentary-style programming during ratings sweeps periods as well as other times during the year.

Read more of Rodney Ho's post on this on his blog on the AJC website to learn more:

Can't wait to see what CBS 46 has in store for us!

Thanks for reading!

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