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CBS '48 Hours' the daughter of 'Playboy Bunny' still missing after 30 years

Daughter missing for 30 years
Daughter missing for 30 years
CBS Television

48 Hours” (CBS) can be seen each Saturday evening at 10/9 p.m. The recent episode on March, 15, 2014 was called, “Fateful Connection.” In the overnight TV ratings it garnered a real low 2.37 million TV viewers overall. It also reached a paltry 0.4 with adults. “20/20” (ABC) grabbed 5.51 overall & 1.1 with adults. A repeat of the new NBC TV show “Believe” nabbed 4.09 overall & 0.8 with adults.

48 Hours” is an investigative documentary news program covering crime in the United States. “Fateful Connection” was reported & narrated by Susan Spencer. The first few minutes is an introduction to what is to come in that hour.

Two young women had gone missing in Pasco County, Florida at the same time back in the year of 1982. One was named Amy Hurst & the other was Wendy Huggy. Amy had moved to the area with her husband Bill & one day she just stopped calling her family. Wendy moved in with her grandparents to have some space from her mother Susan who was a “Playboy Bunny” working in a Playboy club at Chicago. There was a serial killer on the loose in Florida at that same time.

That serial killer kidnapped women, murdered them & tied them to concrete blocks. He also threw their bodies into the ocean off the Florida coast. Wendy disappeared in April & a dead body was found by a fisherman floating in the Mexican Gulf in September. Detectives thought that the body was Wendy, but it was too composed for identification. That body was wrapped in a green bed spread & a handmade Afghan. A cement block was tied around the waist.

To everyone's surprise, Wendy was a married at age 16 to an unknown male. She called her grandparents & said that a man named Don was going to bring her home from a party. She was never heard from again. The investigation stalled because Wendy was considered an adult who was married. It was no longer a homicide. The body was buried & named “Jane Doe 82120.”

Amy Hurst who moved into the same county as Wendy went missing at the same time. Amy was forced to move to Florida because her husband Bill was an alcoholic & had abused her. She decided to sue for divorce & Bill claims that she left him. Police detectives believed that Amy & Wendy were victims of that serial killer who murdered several other women. He took all his secrets to the grave when he was sentenced to death in the electric chair.

The investigation of Amy Hurst also stalled because her name was categorized as Amy Rose, which was her maiden name. The search for her stopped & for 30 years both of the missing women remained unsolved. That is until two detectives opened & worked on both cold cases.

Which dead body belonged to Amy or Wendy? Was either of them kidnapped & murdered by the serial killer? Can DNA solve the mystery of the found dead body? Will detectives find the other woman too? - You can watch the full episode of “Fateful Connection” at the official website of “48 Hours.”

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