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CBS '48 Hours' scratches surface of missing Aboriginal women 'Highway of Tears'

CBS news

48 Hours” (CBS) can be seen each Saturday evening at 10/9 p.m. It is a documentary news program that has been on the air since 1988. It also reports on crime investigations in the U.S. Here are the news correspondents, Peter Van Sant, Troy Roberts, Erin Moriarty, Richard Schlesinger, Maureen Maher, Harold Dow, Susan Spencer & Bill Lagattuta.

48 Hours” aired a repeat episode called,“Highway of Tears” on Dec. 21, 2013. It had originally aired back in 2012. That episode was narrated by reporter, Peter Van Sant who traveled to British Columbia, Canada. According to the “Royal Canadian Mounted Police” (RCMP) at least 18 young women have disappeared or have been murdered along highway 16 that stretches 500 miles. Local residents claim that the number grows higher than 63 women.

Highway 16 is surrounded by countless miles of forest trees, rivers & lakes. Searching for missing persons over a vast landscape is virtually impossible.

Highway of Tears” opened with a haunted voice of a woman singing over the forest trees of British Columbia focusing on highway 16. An Aboriginal teen girl named Ramona Wilson 16, disappeared in June of 1994 & her dead body was found in April of 1995. Her mother Matilda brought Peter Van Sant to the place where she built a memorial for Ramona.

Ramona was heading to a town called “Smithers” to meet up with her friend. Her dead body was found by moose hunters outside town which is one mile from highway 16. Matilda guided Peter into the thick brush to where Ramona's body was dumped. To this day, Ramona's killer or killer's have not been brought to justice.

“48 Hours” scratched only the surface on one Aboriginal native female. According to the “Native Women's Association of Canada.” They document at least 600 cases of native women who have disappeared or were murdered in Canada. That number is rumored to be higher because the native women have completely disappeared.

There are billboard signs erected on highway 16 close to small towns warning women not to hitch hike. The highway has become a notorious & evil place throughout Canada. “48 Hours” focused more on other young women who have disappeared near the highway. Madison Scott went missing after she was left alone camping near Hogsback lake outside the town of Vanderhoof. Someone abducted her in 2010. Lauren Leslie also disappeared near that town & her body was found off of highway 16.

“48 Hours” also reported on how the RCMP had captured two male serial killers connected to several women missing in Canada. - You can watch the full episode of “Highway of Tears” on the official website of “48 Hours.”

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