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CBS '48 Hours' Peter Van Sant reports did son bludgeon parents to death?

Peter Van Sant
CBS news

48 Hours” (CBS) can be seen each Saturday evening at 10/9 p.m. Last night's episode on Feb. 8, 2014 was called, “The Country Club Murders.” It grabbed 3.85 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.7 in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic. “The Winter Olympics” (NBC) 8-11 p.m. garnered 25.03 overall & 6.2 with adults. “The Middle” (ABC) nabbed 1.59 overall & 0.5 with adults.

48 Hours” is an investigative program that reports on crimes in the United States. Peter Van Sant narrates this episode called, “The Country Club Murders.” An introduction shows us a montage of interview clips before full episode.

The Country Club Murders” opened with the Castlewood Country Club that sits in an upper middle class neighborhood. On March 22, 2008, Charlene & Ernest Scherer were bludgeoned to death. Blood was spattered everywhere & Charlene was beaten the worst with at least 20 head wounds. Her face was unrecognizable.

No weapons were found at the crime scene. The killer also took a knife & slashed the throats plus wrists of both victims. The Scherer's loved to travel & were supposed to take a trip to Hawaii with their daughter Catherine. The police detectives figured that it was someone they knew because the killer made the crime scene look like a robbery. Nothing was stolen including 100 dollar bills sticking out of a pair of Jeans. Ernest gave up a pretty good fight because his wedding ring was pulled off his hand.

The detectives found bloody foot prints they had believed were staged. Professional killers don't leave behind visible foot prints which came from a pair of “Nike” shoes. The police ruled out people with personal grudges & anyone who didn't like the Scherers. They also ruled out Catherine who had a solid alibi in Utah. The investigation eventually turned toward the son, Ernest III Scherer.

Ernie stood to inherit more than $2 million dollars after his parents' death. Detectives claim he was desperate to find out when he would get his inheritance. Ernie claims he was home alone which is a 7-hour drive from his parent's house. He has a wife named Robin & a son. He was also a professional poker player who won more than $100,000 in one year. His father loaned Ernie $600,000 to help buy a home. His mother was against the poker games & their relationship was broken.

Ernie was also having an affair in Las Vegas with Adrian & his wife Robin didn't know about it. Adrian was left in the dark too about Ernie's family. They talked about an engagement, but he began to lose large amounts of money in front of Adrian. Detectives believe that because of Ernie's risk of losing that money. He might have a motive for killing his parents for money.

Did Ernie kill his parents for the inheritance? Can the detectives find evidence to charge Ernie with murder? Why did Ernie completely disappear? - You watch “The Country Club Murders” at the official website of “48 Hours.”

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