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CBS '48 Hours' former millionaire shot 10 times in 'Love, Hate & Obsession'

48 Hours” (CBS) can be seen each Saturday evening at 10/9 p.m. Last night's episode on June 28, 2014 was called, “Love, Hate & Obsession.” This is an update after the first broadcast which was on Dec. 14, 2013. Last night's episode garnered 4.27 million TV viewers overall. It reached 0.7 in the all important 18 to 49 adult demographic.

"Love, Hate & Obsession"
CBS television

“48 Hours” is an investigative news program that covers crime & murder in the United States. Peter Van Sant reports & narrates “Love, Hate & Obsession.”

Love, Hate & Obsession” opened with Radley Horwitz awakened by multiple gun shots being heard outside his bedroom. His mother Donna was screaming Radley's name hysterically. His dad Lanny Horwitz was found dead in his bathroom & his body was riddled with 10 bullets. There was blood everywhere. Police detectives claim that it was an execution & not a suicide as it was first reported.

The police did not question Donna or her son Radley after Lanny was gunned down. They were let go from the crime scene, but all three lived in that home together. Donna & Lanny were married & divorced twice. He let Donna stay in his home though & detectives found her journal filled with words of love & hatred of her former husband.

Lanny was a former millionaire who fell on hard times by 2011. Donna inherited nothing after his death because they were both divorced. Their son Radley would inherit his father's life insurance of $500,000.

Prosecutors charged Donna with Lanny's murder because of her journal. She had cheated on Lanny which led to divorce which he never completely forgave her. Lanny was involved with another woman named Francine before he died. She of course denied it & didn't want to be interviewed by “48 Hours.” Pictures show them kissing in public. Prosecutors believed that Donna committed this crime after years of “Love, Hate & Obsession.”

Radley was a spoiled brat who got everything from his parents his entire life. He served time in federal prison & afterward ended up staying at his father's home. As Donna went on trial for the murder of her former husband. She blamed her son Radley for killing his father. Her claim was that Radley hated Lanny so much that he wanted him dead. Radley admits his hatred of his own dad, but not enough to kill him. His bitterness & resentment goes back many years.

You can watch the full episode of “Love, Hate & Obsession” at the official website of “48 Hours.”

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