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CBS 2012 'Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt' 2 gruesome deaths bring back Jesse

The 8th TV movie called, “Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt” (CBS) aired on Sunday May 20, 2012 from 9 to 11 p.m. It is the last & final TV production adapted from the novels written by Robert B. Parker. It surrounds Jesse Stone who is the police chief of a small town called Paradise, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, Jesse was put on suspension by the town council. He's been consulting with the Boston police & trying to deal with his alcohol problem.

2012 TV movie
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Benefit of the Doubt” stars, Tom Selleck (Jesse Stone), Kathy Baker (Rose Gammon), Kohl Sudduth (Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson), Gloria Reuben (Thelma Gleffey), Stephen McHattie (Captain Healy), William Sadler (Gino Fish), Saul Rubinek (Hasty Hathaway) & William Devane (Dr. Dix).

Doubt” opened with many outside scenes of Paradise. A car explosion kills the new police chief named William Butler & his re-instated deputy named Anthony D'Angelo. The town council asks Jesse to return to investigate these two deaths. They also give back Jesse's favorite baseball cap that says, “PPD.” (Paradise Police Department).

Captain Healy from Boston Police fills Jesse in on what happened. Both of the dead men were burned beyond recognition after the explosion. Jesse finds that a bomb exploded from under the car. Healy tells him that it is a state homicide case where Jesse has to watch his footsteps. Deputy Rose & Suitcase both quit after Jesse was fired.

Jesse visits Jim Gammon who tells him that his wife Rose sold their house, took the kids & left town. He also tells Jesse to find her himself. Jesse is now all alone at the office. He replays the phone message that brought William out to the secluded spot where he was killed. He also goes through the page calender on the desk used by William. He tears out the page written with numbers & letters on it.

Jesse goes home & drinks his usual glass of scotch as Reggie sits there watching him. He falls asleep on his bed & Reggie finally lays down next to him. Was it a dream? Because the very next morning Reggie is seen in his dog bed on the floor. Jesse then takes Reggie back to the scene of the car explosion to look at it again.

Jesse always asks questions & pieces together what people tell him. He doesn't like to speculate because he does not want to be wrong in homicide. He has his instincts too, but has to confirm facts before he solves any crime. Small town gossip says William Butler was dirty & that is what got him killed. Jesse is determined to find out if he was or was not dirty.

Does deputy Rose & Suitcase return to their jobs to help out Jesse? Can Jesse solve these deaths with so little evidence? Was William Butler a corrupt police chief? You can buy the DVD of “Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt” or download it from online at “”

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