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CBS 2011 'Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost' Jesse feels guilty over friends death

The 7th TV movie “Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost” (CBS) aired on Sunday May 22, 2011 from 9 to 11 p.m. It follows police chief Jesse Stone in the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts. It is based on the mystery novels written by Robert B. Parker. Jesse used to be a homicide detective back in Los Angeles before he was fired for drinking alcohol on the job.

Rose, Jesse, Healy
CBS Television

In the last movie called, “Jesse Stone: No Remorse.” He was suspended as chief of police. Captain Healy had asked him to help out the Boston police with a serial killer. He accepted as a consultant, but also continued to help out his two deputies in Paradise with a series of robberies.

Innocents Lost” stars, Tom Selleck (Jesse Stone), Kathy Baker (Rose Gammon), Kohl Sudduth (Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson), Gloria Reuben (Thelma Gleffey), Stephen McHattie (Captain Healy) & William Sadler (Gino Fish).

Lost” opened with Jesse jogging on the paths & roads of Paradise. He is still suspended from his job as police chief. It begins to rain down on him as he walks along thinking. Day turns into night as it rains outside Jesse’s home window. He tries to get his dog Reggie to lay beside him, but he doesn't.

The town council hires a new police chief named William Butler who is the son of one of the council members. Jesse goes to Dr. Dix & tells him about how Reggie won't get close to him. He also claims to be in a dead zone because he asked his ex-wife not to call him anymore. He still has two drinks of scotch every night.

Deputy Rose finds Cindy Van Alden dead in her car a mile from Jesse's home. Cindy had sent a letter to him, but he never opened it. She was coming back to Paradise & the doctor said she died of a drug overdose. Jesse can't investigate because he is no longer the police chief. He calls his ex-wife, but hangs up. He passes out drunk on his sofa. He tells Dr. Dix about Cindy & how he wanted to help her which came too late.

Jesse had arrested Cindy before to try & help her out. He now feels guilty over her death because she may have wanted to see him before she died. He becomes deputized by Captain Healy in Boston, but secretly investigates Cindy's death. His instinct tells him that she was murdered. Jesse always asks the hard questions & thinks clearly on each problem especially when it comes to homicide. He is determined to solve Cindy's untimely death.

You can watch the DVD of “Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost” at the official website of “” Or you stream online.

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