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CBD cannabis oil bill passes both Missouri houses

Cannabis laws improving in Missouri
Edited together by Meric Ackerman from public domain images via Wikimedia Commons

The bill intended to give relief to epilepsy suffers in the form of a CBD only cannabis oil extract, HB 2238, has passed the house and the senate now on it's journey toward the governor's desk. Being that the hemp production being legalized under this bill will have less than 0.3% THC content, it is hard to imagine a veto will happen. Both the house and the senate passed this bill with overwhelming numbers.

While this new law will only help a few out of the multitude of people who could be helped by medical cannabis, it is a very important start. The CBD in cannabis has been shown to help seizure sufferers in ways that no pharmaceutical has yet to do. For this reason many families have been fleeing to Colorado as refugees from a medically-stifling third-world state so much that lawmakers in Missouri felt it was necessary to rush this legislation through.

More medical cannabis laws will be on the way, after much more debate, but this is something that nobody would be able to have a rational argument against. They even excluded the seed from being allowed for hemp research so as not to upset the fossil fuel representatives.

But it is a start.

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