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CBC report unveils telephone companies` unfair billing

Open is encouraging to share a CBC Marketplace video clip part of the “Canada's Worst Cell Phone Bill” report that finds damning evidence that Canadians are being unfairly gouged by big phone and cable companies: one person was charged over $15,000 for a data service that experts say cost the provider only $4.

CBC report unveils telephone companies` unfair billing

Open “Stop The Meter Petition” effort relates the voice of over 460.000 Canadians who are against limited internet usage. Bell Canada and other companies are copying an unfair and outrageous phone billing model and applying it to internet use following a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decision that allowed usage-based billing.

Open needs to reach half-a-million petition signers to make big telecom price gouging a federal election issue. The petition is an "undeniable symbol of Canadian opposition to the greedy practices of big telecom companies".

"This is not just about consumer choice; it’s also about basic human decency and self-determination. If we don't succeed in making this an election issue, the opportunity could slip through our fingers and we'll be fighting over Internet bills like many do with phone bills now. Clearly new telecom fees are about padding big telecoms bottom line at the expense of our personal and family budgets. has learned that Bell’s CEO has even admitted that applying usage-based billing is really about the telecom giant “monetizing” the increase in online video usage. Many of you have dealt with the cold, unaccountable, labyrinth of bureaucracy that is big phone and cable company customer service. “Stop The Meter” has become a rallying cry against this mistreatment of Canadians", states Open

Sign the petition (every vote counts!)

View full episode ($17.000 bill)

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