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CBS 'Jesse Stone: Thin Ice' Captain Healy & Jesse gunned down in stakeout

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice” (CBS) was the 5th novel adapted into a TV movie written by author Robert B. Parker. Tom Selleck stars as Jesse Stone who is the police chief of a small town named Paradise, Massachusetts. Episode 5 came two full years after “Jesse Stone: Sea Change” 2007. Jesse was a former homicide detective in Los Angeles, but was fired for drinking alcohol on the job.

2009 TV movie
CBS Television

“Suitcase” came out of his coma in the last episode. Deputy Molly has moved out of Paradise. Deputy Rose has taken her place in the office.

Thin Ice” stars, Tom Selleck (Jesse Stone), Kathy Baker (Rose Gammon), Kohl Sudduth (Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson), Stephen McHattie (Captain Healy) & William Devane (Dr. Dix).

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice” opens with both Jesse & captain Healy sitting in a car on a stakeout. An unknown male walks over in the pouring rain & pulls out a gun. He aims at the car & fires off many rounds. Healy & Jesse are both shot, but Jesse is able to pull out his gun. The shooter walks closer to make sure both men are down. Jesse aims his gun & a bullet hits the unknown male before he runs away.

Jesse is shot in the arm & walks with a sling. Healy is in critical condition. Jesse goes to work though without his arm in a sling & he is followed by his dog Reggie. The town council heard about the shooting & they don't want Jesse to moonlight in Boston. They threaten to fire him because they cannot control him. They also want to hire a new deputy who is the son of one of the council members.

Jesse returns home with Reggie & breaks out the scotch to start drinking. His ex-wife Jen calls & she tells him that this man named Elliot wants to move in with her. Jesse doesn't like the idea even though they are divorced. He talks with his therapist Dr. Dix. They discuss the shooting & Jesse mentions Elliot who bothers the hell out of him. He's jealous.

The five-man town council believes that Jesse is making up his own rules. They threaten him with suspension or docking his pay to control him. Jesse sits there with Reggie & just looks at them. He doesn't care because he is doing his job. When captain Healy is well enough to talk. He tells Jesse that he was watching his nephew who might be sleeping with his older female saxophone teacher. Healy doesn't know who shot him or why?

Jesse goes to the local gangster named Mr. Fish. He asks Fish to tell him if he hears anything on the street about a cop shooting. He does & Jesse goes after the man who tried to kill him & captain Healy. You can watch the full movie of “Jesse Stone: Thin Ice” at the “”

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