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CB2- Atlanta's New Home for Style


Clean, refreshing, and modern- what more could one want when it comes to home decor? 

Well last night the ultra modern CB2 gave a preview to excited Altantans and OPENS TODAY, Friday August 13th in Atlanta's Midtown and the wait was worth it!  Chock- full of furniture that is perfect for the trendy Buckhead high rises or a sitting room in Roswell and accented with creative touches with something for every taste level. 

This spare and simple store gives great attention to details, that's priced smart so customers can have it all (and feel smart doing so).  This is truly a lite happy store that can brighten any room and any heart!

Never heard of this fabulous destination? No worries, CB2 is the younger modern sister of Crate & Barrel and first opened in Chicago in 2000.  Only available in a few city thus far, the success of this clever and in the moment design store is becoming the hottest thing and rolling out to even more city's soon.  

Even if you think CB2 is too contemporary for your taste, it is without a doubt worth taking a walk through to get design and style ideas... and who knows you may find a few unexpected affordable accents that you didn't think you wanted but now need! 

Prices range from $1000- $1.99 so you can't say you couldn't find anything.

So check it out @ 1080 Peachtree NE, Atlanta, GA 30309.

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