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Caves of Cacahuamilpa National Park

Inside Las Grutas
Inside Las Grutas
Photo by C. Keach

Cacahuamilpa National Park is located in the Mexican State of Guerrero.  It has beautiful scenery, extreme sports, camping, and rock climbing.  However, it is mostly known for having one of the largest cave systems in the world.

There are miles and miles of caves but ony a portion of them are open to the public.  My tour group, made of 9 Americans, waited in line to enter.  The park officials regulate how many people are in the caves by only allowing entry at certain times.  Before we got to the mouth of the cave, we walked along a path with beautful views of plants, trees and a river down below us.  Over the river some people were riding on a zipline.  The entrance to the caves was huge and reminded me of a shark's mouth.  We climbed down the stairs deep into the darkness of the cave and there our tour began.  Once again the tour guide spoke only in Spanish.  Since I stll don't understand a lot of the language, I focused my attention on studying my surroundings.  Interesting rock formations dangled from the ceiling and rose up from the ground.  Water trickled in from various places.  The path we walked was uneven stone, slippery in some spots and dry in others.  There were small lamps that gave just enough light to keep us from falling off the edge.  Other than that and the flashlights of some of the tourists, the only light came from the guide.  When he stopped at each formation, he plugged in his flashlight to point out interestung details he wanted to share.  

In all, the trip took us two and a half hours of walking in and out, up and down and around the various rock formations.  By the end, I was exhausted and walking very carefully because another member of our group had slipped on the wet path and fallen on her hip.  (Thankfully, she was all right and ready for our next trip the next day!)  It was a great experience with some fascinating formations, but it is not an activity I'd need to repeat.

For more pictures of the formations, follow this link to the official website of Las Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park.  The content is in Spanish, but the pictures and sound effects are fantastic!