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Cavaliers set NBA consecutive loss record: When will losing streak end?

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Ramon Sessions feels the pain of a long losing streak
Cleveland Cavaliers guard Ramon Sessions feels the pain of a long losing streak
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It’s official…the Cleveland Cavaliers are now in uncharted waters. After losing their 25th straight game (and counting) to the Dallas Mavericks on Monday, the team now holds the dubious honor of the NBA’s longest losing streak, breaking their own record of 24-straight over two seasons in 1982 and 1983.

Not even Ted Stepien could have envisioned a team this bad.

So when will it end? Remaining fans are hoping for a reprieve during a home-stand that opens against Detroit on Wednesday. That game will be the first of eight in a row at home, with an All-Star break sandwiched in the middle.

The streak should be broken at some point during this stretch. Here’s a look at their eight opponents and the chances each game has at breaking the Cavs streak.

Detroit Pistons – Wednesday, Feb 9: With a record of 19-32, the Pistons at home offer a reason for hope. But when you’re this far down the ladder in the standings, every game feels like the JV team versus the varsity squad. A solid Detroit defense will be a problem for this young Cavs squad. Chance to be a streak-breaker: 20%

LA Clippers – Friday, Feb 11: Last season, this game would have been the obvious choice for a streak-breaker. But with Blake Griffin, the Clippers are no longer the doormat of the NBA. Sadly, that honor is reserved for another team. Chance to be a streak-breaker: 10%

Washington Wizards – Feb, 13: The Wizards have yet to win a road game this season. So if the streak reaches this point, the Cavs would pit their 27-game winless drought against the Wizards 0-25 road record. Ratings bonanza! Chance to be a streak-breaker: 50%

LA Lakers – Feb 16: Maybe Kobe Bryant gets food poisoning and Pau Gasol catches the Cleveland Flu. Chance to be streak-breaker: 1%

Houston Rockets – Feb 23: So far this season, the Cavs have won just a single game against the Western Conference. Not much chance they make it two after the All-Star break when their Swiss cheese defense faces the fourth-highest scoring team in the NBA. Chance to be a streak-breaker: 5%

New York Knicks – Feb 25: It would be fitting if the streak ended here, against the last team the Cavs managed to beat (back on Dec 18th, yikes). Pray it doesn’t get this far…someone will definitely remind the Knicks of this blemish on their record before tipoff. Chance to be a streak-breaker: 3%

Philadelphia 76ers – Feb 27: The percentage is low only because the streak will hopefully be long-forgotten by this point. The 76ers are no longer a cellar-dweller but this is a team the Cavs actually defeated TWICE earlier in the season. Chance to be a streak-breaker: 10%

San Antonio Spurs – March 2: Very slim chance the streak goes this long, but if it does, there’s a zero percent chance the Cavs defeat the team with the best record in the NBA. This would be the Cavs 33rd loss in a row, which might be more than even the hardiest of Cleveland sports fans can stomach. But hey, at least they’ll get on SportsCenter every morning! Chance to be a streak-breaker: Seriously?

Quick math and you’ll realize this only adds up to 99%. So maybe there's a small chance this home stretch will not end the misery. At this point, the snowball is rolling down the mountain, only now it’s an avalanche of lottery balls that are piling up for the Cavs. It’s tough to get excited about lottery picks but at this point, there isn’t much else.

Hang in there Cavs fans, better times are ahead

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  • skrapasor 4 years ago

    that's not how probabilities work. if they had a 50% chance to win three games, there would not be 150% chance that they break the streak.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Thanks, nerd.

  • Profile picture of Cory Felegy
    Cory Felegy 4 years ago

    @ skrapasor - Math never was my strong suit, but still not understanding what you're trying to say. I'm not arguing about what chance the Cavs have at winning 3 games, I'm asking what chance does each individual game have at being THE GAME that ends the streak. I've said there's a 100% chance it happens during this 8 game homestand (ok, 99% chance) so each game would have a probability weighted on a 100% scale.

    I could be way offbase here, so if anyone wants to shed some light on what the correct terminology is, it might be helpful. I think I'll leave probabilities out of future articles.

  • skylar 4 years ago

    the caves need back lebron cause he is the best well thats what poeple say

  • Mike 4 years ago

    I predict they'll beat the Clippers in an overtime thriller. Then they'll lay an egg against the Wizards. Then we'll remember that before the streak started, we beat the Knicks in OT and we're too afraid to look back at how long it's been since the Cavs won a game in regulation. Then we'll realize we're 1 of 5 teams in the NBA who is unbeaten in overtime and think we're awesome.

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