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Cavaliers ready to concede Wiggins to Timberwolves for Love?

Cavaliers may deal Wiggins for Love after all
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers already have a Big Three of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins. Yet the Cavaliers had really wanted a Big Four with Wiggins, James, Irving and Kevin Love, although the Minnesota Timberwolves aren't prepared to give Love away without getting someone like Wiggins. According to ESPN on July 17, the Cavaliers may finally be ready to pay that price.

ESPN's Chris Broussard reported that the Cavaliers are now "offering" Wiggins in a potential trade for Love, while Yahoo Sports alleged that James has "reached out" to Love. Yet Cleveland coach David Blatt denounced it as "rumors" after the team's Summer League game on July 17. It was the Cavaliers' final Summer League game and perhaps Wiggins' last game in a Cleveland uniform, as he scored 21 points and made 15 free throws in a loss to the Houston Rockets.

Love has wanted to leave the Timberwolves for some time because the team has gone nowhere in his entire career. If he gets his first real shot at the postseason with James, Irving and the Cavaliers, it may put Wiggins in basketball purgatory in his place. Instead of getting to start his career working under James, Wiggins might well languish in Minnesota for years instead, like Love and Kevin Garnett did.

Nevertheless, both Love and Wiggins have played in the same amount of postseason games -- zero -- just like Irving has. No matter if the Cavaliers and Timberwolves strike a deal of not, the most important players under James will be far more inexperienced on the big stage.

Between that and Cleveland's own checkered history, James has much to overcome to make the Cavaliers a champion this time around. The odds still say that a rebounding machine like Love will help James and the Cavaliers more than a rookie like Wiggins, even if he was one of the most sought after draft picks in years.

If Joel Embiid had never gotten hurt and slipped to the No. 3 draft slot for the Philadelphia 76ers, Wiggins might have never been picked first or gotten the chance to play with James - a chance that is now slipping away in lue of a far less promising destination. The Cavaliers still publicly deny that Wiggins is available, even for Love, yet it seems they may only be able to refuse for so much longer.

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