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Cavaliers, Heat go another day waiting for James

Wade spotted with indecisive James in Las Vegas
Wade spotted with indecisive James in Las Vegas
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

LeBron James left everyone in Miami hoping he would commit to the Heat after meeting Pat Riley in Las Vegas. But when that meeting ended with James remaining a free agent, the tortured city of Cleveland thought the Cavaliers had their chance to lock up their former King's return. Yet July 10 came and went the same as every other day in this saga, with James still free and unattached -- but can it realistically go on for another day?

The entire NBA -- especially Chris Bosh and the Houston Rockets -- needs James to commit to someone so other free agent moves can be made. With James still on track to go to Brazil on July 12 for the World Cup final the next day, logic would dictate that he settle this before then. In addition, the Rockets are pressed for time to land Bosh, especially with time running out to match Chandler Parsons' offer from the Dallas Mavericks.

The Cavaliers had hope that it would all be over on July 10, according to Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski. They even thought it was "only a matter of time" until James recommitted to them. Instead, he stayed at his skills camp in Las Vegas and was even seen with Dwayne Wade throughout the day.

Both Cleveland and Miami have now been strung along even longer than they were in 2010. Is all this just going to end the exact same way, or have a more heartwarming ending for the Cavaliers? It seems like those are the only two possible endings to this ordeal, unless James has had super secret meetings with another team like the Rockets or Los Angeles Lakers.

But those two clubs are in the much tougher Western Conference, which seems to automatically rule them out for James. Technically, he is playing it very safe this time, as he will either show the loyalty to his current team that he didn't in 2010, or have a triumphant homecoming. Any other decision might backfire to the rest of the public -- although going out West and leaving the comfort of the putrid East would show far more courage.

At this point, everyone wants to know if James has the courage to end this now, sparing everyone a very long weekend. Everyone will be on the edge of their laptops to find out today, just like every day this week.

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