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Cautiously optimistic...

Despite shaky employment news, keep your chin up and carry on.
Despite shaky employment news, keep your chin up and carry on.
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The news is mixed this week regarding employment here in the Bay Area. On one hand, we see the overall unemployment rate dropping to 8.2% as of March, but on the other hand we hear that millions have dropped out of looking for work, so they are not even counted in this statistic.

The layoffs continue locally with thousands impacted: Sony, Yahoo, American Airlines, Bay Area Media Group, many cities, counties and school districts are now also joining in the pain.

And yet, and yet, the large companies are starting, just a bit, to hire real full time jobs again (not the part time contractor crap that no one could live on, though there are plenty of those still out there.)

So is it safe to go back in the water? To me the biggest wild card is this election year. I still hear many small business owners whose businesses are finally starting to grow, say that they’re anxious and unwilling to hire just yet.
Let’s see what happens with the election, they say.

Anytime we have those people in Washington trying something new – like fixing healthcare or the tax code to score temporary points with the voters, the unintended consequences are usually not good.

Nevertheless, I am optimistic that the worst is behind us, though we are not seeing the post recession growth spurts we’ve historically seen. So what am I saying to those of you still searching?
Chin up, carry on and let’s pray things are in fact getting better.

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