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Causes of sneezing in cats

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Karla Kirby

Just like humans, cats need to clear their nasal passages of irritants such dust or stray hair. Therefore, the sporadic sneeze is to be expected and not worried about. But cats that sneeze in a serious of violent a-choos, where one sneeze is followed immediately by several more of if they or sneeze recurrently over the course of several day, you may need to have the cause examined by a veterinarian.

The guilty party could be allergies, in particular if the sneezes are accompanied by a running nose or watering eyes. If you deduce allergies, get in touch with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Your cat's sneezing could also be caused by a constant irritant in your home: cigarette smoke, some household cleansers, dust, perfumes, roaches or rodents. Take note of when the sneezing takes place and work to rd your house of any suspected irritants.

If your cat is 3 years old or older and the sneeze is accompanied by reeking breath, there may be a principal dental problem. The most common issues are infections and gum disease—contact your veterinarian about your cat’s dental health.

Sneezing paired with green mucous around the nose or eyes displays the presence of a virus or bacteria. Again, call with your veterinarian, who can prescribe an antibiotic if needed.

The sooner you seek help, the faster you kitty will get help and the happier he/she will be. Always, always watch your cat, look for changes and above all take the best care possible of your furry, feline friend.

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