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The causes of hives in children - skin breakouts

Some children may breakout into hives due to an allergic reaction of something they have eaten. Make your child a doctor's appointment to find out exactly why the hives are there. The Pediatrician might prescribe or recommend that the child take an antihistamine orally or on the skin. The oral medication would probably be an allergy medication, and the topical cream for the skin would probably be something like a Benadryl cream.

Hives may show up in a few minutes or up to 2 hours, and hives may go away in a few hours or a few days.

Hives may be caused by:

  • Animals, insect bites, or plants
  • Certain skin products like lotions or creams
  • Certain foods or medications
  • Physical exercise

Contact a doctor immediately if the child has trouble breathing, or a fever as one of their hives symptoms.

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