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Cause Central counting the costs

Mission: The goal is to pool ministry; editorial; financial and fundraising resources into a Cause Central Coalition that specifically supports, engages in writing grants; raising funds and support; writing business and ministry plans to reach more people with the cause that is central to our minds and hearts. Cause Central is the digital media platform that helps people reach an understanding of who Jesus is and how they can be used in the cause of Christ in their communities and throughout the world. There are five areas to which we are called to raise support; awareness, mission and ministry.

1. Evangelism: Word and Spirit and Ancient Paths Church Networks are Cause Central areas that we are raising funds and awareness through inner city ministries throughout the world.

2. Special Needs Ministry: Friendship Fellowship is planting special churches for people with special needs and disabilities.

3. Media that feeds a hungry culture on air; online and on demand through Truli/Likewise ads and PSA’s; programming at Vantage Point NY; syndication through building media platforms; and creative, production and distribution through our networks and new syndication methods.

4. Praise and Prayer- Urban Praise Movement is a music publisher at BMI that we have started by curating new praise and worship songs by worship leaders in our cities. Prayer walks have graduated to a Progressive Street Church where message; mission and music are taking it to the streets and merged with prayer in the inner city.

5. Community building through Mission Cafes that are in churches and are open to the public. Really good coffee with a mission also is a community resource where the church serves the city and neighborhood; where digital resources are distributed; sold and shared. Where music and art can be part of the urban landscape over a great cup of coffee or tea.

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