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Caught on video: More evidence of SeaWorld OSHA investigator's Blackfish ties

There's already enough evidence of links between OSHA investigator Lara Padgett, who handled the SeaWorld Orlando case, and the makers of Blackfish to have spurred an investigation by the government agency. You can read more about how Padgett hobnobbed with the Blackfish crew at various premieres, as caught in photographic evidence, in this article.

Now, video evidence has surfaced of the film's director, Gabriela Cowperthwaite, giving a direct shout-out to Padgett at the movie's first public introduction. You can see it for yourself in the video accompanying this article, right around the 2:12 mark. The camera pans on Padgett, who is of course present, even though most people would presume that a government official working on a court case would take a fair and unbiased approach.

The video is just the latest in a string of revelations that make Blackfish look more and more fishy every day, ever since the website MiceChat posted solid evidence of the film's many fallacies in early January.

While some were initially stunned that it was snubbed by the Academy Awards, that decision is much more understandable every time more of its "facts" are shown to be falsehoods or misrepresentations. You can read more about the backlash and the truths that are coming out in this article. Of course, Cowperthwaite heatedly denies getting any information for the movie from Padgett despite their apparently close ties.

Even Dawn Brancheau's family has come out publicly to distance itself from the movie. You can read their statement in this article.

Meanwhile, SeaWorld Orlando had multi-hour lines during its Wild Days celebration of people taking advantage of its special Fun Card offer. The park has also lined up two acts to kick off Bands, Brew and BBQ on February 1 and 2: Alan Jackson and Kid Rock. You can read more about the event in this article.

If you'd like to read how the Padgett fiasco was used by a lawyer as a case of what not to do, go to this article.

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