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Caught on film, teen throws dog over side of bridge

Teens hurls dog over a bridge
Teens hurls dog over a bridge
Screen shot via KFOR News

According to Friday's KFOR News, a teen from Boswell, Okla., has been arrested for animal cruelty after allegedly videotaping a dog being thrown over the side of a bridge.

According to the report, the dog, described as a bulldog, was hurled over the side of the bridge because "it was useless" for catchings hogs.

The 18-year-old man who actually committed the cruel act has not yet been arrested, but sheriff's deputies are reported to be in contact with him.

Incredibly, despite the extreme drop and hard landing, the dog survived and is recovering at a veterinary hospital in Akota.

The disturbing video, which captures the dogs fall and landing, was uploaded to an Instagram account for “theycallmeh_karis." The account has since been deleted.

This case is the second animal cruelty case that was discovered just this week after a teen has uploaded video to social media - on Thursday, two teens in St. Louis, Mo., were arrested after posting a video to Facebook which showed a dog being hurled through the air and slammed into the ground.

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