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Caught between extremes: War and peace

Personal friends who are also Vietnam war veterans like Secretary of State John Kerry, have no use for America being engaged in the Middle East. We have all reached maturity on that subject, and it isn’t just because we are anti-war. It is because we are aware that the “Big Oil” corporate lobbies are unduly influencing how we fuel the American and global economies. While capitalists seek to maximize their investment, they have passed the threshold of what is best for sustainable economies and humanity.

Too much for them to handle?
Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

The conflict and Arab resentment of Americans and the west include the abuse of the Arab population while the West has extracted oil. It is as much how rich Arabs have treated poor Arabs. It is how religion has been used to exploit hatred toward the West to defray hatred toward Kings and Royals who have hoarded the wealth at the expense of the populations. The system has become a cumbersome array of conflicting ideologies and economic interests.

You don’t have be an intellectual or scholar to see what is going on here. However, addressing the masses of people who are caught up into this convoluted web is daunting. For that reason, one must respect people like Secretary of State John Kerry who steps up to engage a chunk of the problem. However, one may also feel great disappointment in seeing his President leave him dangling without also adding value through his intellect.

I wrote a story earlier today that I took down because after hitting “publish” thanks to a personal friend I discovered a typo. I took that as an omen. Maybe I was being too tough on Kerry?

After further review, and thoughtful consideration, I don’t think that I was. In fact, for reasons they don’t understand, Republicans may have just cause to call for President Obama’s impeachment. It is because the President is failing to avail himself of the full government in addressing the greatest problems of our time. That management failing combined with his genuine lack of prerequisite experience has put America at risk.

National security is at risk when the President and his Secretary of Defense are willing to negotiate with terrorists. It is at risk when the President has failed to shift the energy paradigm in America from oil dependency to renewables as he promised. We are out of time.

So here is the story that I pulled to fix.

Kerry farce framework

No matter how you translate it, Secretary of State John Kerry’s “framework” for peace is a farce. It fails to reconcile anything. The Obama administration is groping and grasping for straws as there is nothing in it. It is empty because they are still wrestling about such things as “is Israel a state?” Of course, it is. Hamas may not think so because they are a terrorist organization. Should the world’s most powerful democracy negotiate with terrorists? Of course not. What is Kerry doing?

The theme of American involvement should be that we champion freedom for Gaza people, and those in the West Bank too. They need a home country, but that doesn’t mean creating a new one. That is done. To whom do the people in Gaza want to be affiliated and assimilated? Here are the choices: Egypt of Israel?

People in the West Bank have a choice too. Do they want to join Israel or Jordan?

Now, if Egypt and Jordan don’t want them, then they truly have only one recourse and that is to become viable citizens of Israel. Will Israel accept that? Yes, they will.

The question about Israel’s right to exist was settled long ago. The question is, to whom do the Arabs belong to in the neighborhood?

That is how Kerry should have addressed the situation for all to see and hear loudly. The fact that he didn’t and came up with a childlike paper that should never have seen the light of day means that he should resign as Secretary of State at once.

Instead of planning a summer vacation, Congress should be conducting a crisis management session and intervention with President Obama about the urgent need to staff his administration. Vacations should be cancelled all around.

Who are available candidates for Secretary of State. Ask Obama and he will tell you Susan Rice, for crying out loud.

“Kerry’s Diplomacy Falls Short to End Gaza Fighting
By Sangwon Yoon and Terry Atlas Jul 27, 2014 8:04 PM ET

July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Phil Mattingly reports on U.S. foreign policy and Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent global crises diplomatic efforts. Mattingly speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

It took U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry five days in the Middle East to negotiate a 12-hour pause in the bloody fighting between Hamas and Israel.

Prospects for extending that humanitarian halt in the Gaza war had evaporated by the time Kerry landed in Washington shortly after midnight yesterday following a sleep-deprived week in which he served as a round-the-clock, Cairo-based diplomatic call center for Israel, Egypt and intermediaries to Hamas.

While Kerry said his effort was vital “for the sake of thousands of innocent families whose lives have been shaken and destroyed by this conflict,” trying to broker an end to the fighting may have been a long shot from the start.”

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