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Catt Sadler gives tips on getting ready for spring & ProgessOh Makeover campaign

Catt is partnering on the ProgressOh! campaign that is geared towards healthy body image and healthy living. had the opportunity to chat with celeb news correspondent Catt Sadler who was very excited to share some very helpful tips to get fashion and celeb-obsessed lovers ready for spring. Catt discussed her top tips for achieving a spring shape-up and healthy lifestyle in light of upcoming bikini season. The TV host offered commentary on the hottest trends from recent red carpet events/fashion shows and offer fashion tips for spring shopping. Catt is partnering on the ProgressOh! campaign that is geared towards healthy body image and healthy living. With spring on the arrival, it’s nicely timed as people start to re-evaluate their eating and workout habits.

Catt is connecting her love of fashion by partnering with Progresso in celebrating weight management journeys of three fans with an ultimate makeover experience in L.A.

Nearly 4,000 fans entered the ProgressOh! Makeover Contest by telling why they deserve a makeover and six inspiring finalists were chosen. Right now through April 10, fans can vote for the finalists they find most deserving of the L.A. makeover at The three winners with the most votes will be announced April 15. Read the full interview with Catt below:

Examiner: How are you and did you enjoy St. Patrick’s Day?

Catt Sadler: “I am fantastic! It was a pretty mild St. Patty day for me. Last night on E! News they gave us a little bit of green beer, which they never do, so that was the extent of it for me.”

Examiner: With Spring just a couple of days away, how do you get ready for spring?

Catt Sadler: “A lot of it does have to do with wardrobe, and while we get luck over here in Los Angeles it is still an amazing time of year. My roses in my garden are starting to blossom, and that makes me happy. A lot of spring does have to do with fashion and getting rid of my Uggs and sweaters. I am ready to amp it up with a little more color this spring I still have a little more preparing to do for the shift..”

Examiner: What is one of your favorite things about spring?

Catt Sadler: “Spring break! As adults we don’t get many breaks, but when you have children, I try to take full advantage of their spring break, and carve out a little time to take some time off from work. This year we are going to go to Palm Springs for four days and relax by the pool and do a whole lot of nothing! Everyone has been working so hard this winter, so it’s nice to get out and enjoy the sun. I think that everyone has to take a little time for themselves this spring and enjoy it.”

Examiner: Spring is a huge time in fashion, what are you expecting to see this fashion season?

Catt Sadler: “Color! I think when it comes to clothes, orange is going to be huge. I also think that the orchid trend is going to continue with purple and lavender. Whether it’s in makeup or your clothes, I think it’s going to be a nice spring. They are saying that orange is the new black this season, so I may have to pencil in a shopping spree (laughs).”

Examiner: What tips would you offer people to get ready for spring fashion?

Catt Sadler: “I think it’s a great time to unclutter your life! Also to update your closet, a lot of people are coming out of winter. From a health standpoint, I think that it is important to work out and reenergize their fitness routine.”

Examiner: With spring means spring break, how can everyone achieve their best bikini body?

Catt Sadler: “I never advise anyone to start from scratch and go 100mph. It is about engineering the perfect lifestyle for you, and that may mean doing something only three days a week, don’t kill yourself! Number one, it is important to incorporate movement into your life, it doesn’t have to be a marathon, but it should be something. Second, it is important to pay attention to what you are putting into your diet, and you don’t even have to use the word “diet” it’s just about making smart choices. I think so much of what people are buying at the grocery store dictates what you eat and your fitness.”

Examiner: What are a few ways that the regular person can look red carpet ready, but not break their budget?

Catt Sadler: “Less is more! It is better to keep it simple! Sometimes women think that if they are going to a formal affair, they think they have to go overboard. I think clean, sleek, and simple is the best way to go. There are so many affordable fashion companies out here, I have so much H&M in my closet! Another trend that we are seeing right now is costume jewelry and the rhinestones. You can get that for super cheap and layer it well, and can look like a million dollars.”

Examiner: You have partnered with ProgressOh campaign, what does this partnership entail?

Catt Sadler: “I love it! Their soups are so great, and under 100 calories, forty different options, and you don’t have to take an hour to prepare. It’s healthy and it takes a lot of the cooking out of it. I’ve also been in Hollywood for eight years and I’ve covered dozen of red carpets and am always amazed by all of the glamour and bling from all of these A-list stars and they get to have an amazing moment that very few people ever get to experience. I honestly feel like we all deserve to feel like a star and that’s why I love this contest.”

Examiner: What will fans get from the makeover experience?

Catt Sadler: “Here are these women who are sharing their stories about their lives on our website, and why they deserve to come to L.A. and stay to be pampered. These are busy women and are all about hard work while trying to lose weight and being confident. This contest is about rewarding them and making them feel fabulous. They get to be entertained, they will be attending a taping of “Fashion Police” and it is an absolute win. I’m really excited to give back, and to celebrate all of these women’s stories.”

Examiner: Lastly, what can your fans expect from you?

Catt Sadler: “I am trying to diversify a little bit, I have been about of the E! family for a very long time, and will continue to do that. I’m also hosting “A-List Listings” and that is where I go into these mega mansions that are on the market here in Los Angeles. I love giving viewers a glimpse inside something extravagant even if only ten people in the world can afford a 68 million dollar mansion, but it’s fun and it’s entertaining. I’m hosting another episode of “Who Wore It Better” which is a show that show celebrities wearing very similar styles, and we have fun and ask the audience who wore it better. Lastly, I still do have my Catt Tales blog, but now I have a new website called, and is about fashion and everything that I do.”

She loves to tweet (@iamcattsadler) and share her Daily Cattfirmations with her fans, most of whom also follow her blog “CATT TALES” at and her newest website The Catt Walk