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Cats In The Garden

Kim Day

Outdoor cats are beautiful animals and companions that make a great presence in the garden. They are very photogenic and getting photos of your cat in your garden can be a fun and rewarding experience. Most cats sleep a lot, particularly on a hot summer day and will sleep on garden furniture. This gives one the opportunity to take a photo or a series of photos of your cat with the flowers all around.

Having a cat in the garden also reduces the mouse population. If one is lucky enough to have found a stray cat and have given it a home in your yard or garage, one will reap the rewards of feeding and taking care of them. Most of those cats will stay for a very long time and will not go anywhere else, as long as one feeds them, gives them fresh water and a warm bed to sleep on.

Cats are very territorial and will set up their homes and bond with their new companions very easily. It may take a while at first for the cat to trust you if it has been outside for a long time. However, once the trust is there and the cat befriends one, they become a friend for life. This bonding gets even better throughout the years and is a companionship that will last forever.