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Cats Save Tigers: Famous Internet cats speak out for the world's tigers

Famous Internet cats, including Lil Bub, Venus, the Two-Faced Cat, Princess Monster Truck, Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Pudge, and more, have banded together in a new video to help save the world's tigers. A July 29, 2014 article on the website says that "Cats Save Tigers" is a Greenpeace initiative geared towards raising awareness about the world's dwindling tiger population. London-based ad company Mr. President created the video as part of Greenpeace's campaign.

Hi! I'm Chase, and my friends, Gizmo, Kali, and Aria, and I, have a message for you for International Tiger Day.
Eve-Angeline Mitchell
Today is International Tiger Day, and Greenpeace has a new conservation initiative: "Cats Save Tigers."
Photo courtesy of Patrick Mitchell, used with permission

In the video, you can see Lil Bub as she watches her big cousins at a zoo. Princess Monster Truck calls on her inner tiger, baring her teeth and throwing her head back as though to roar. Oskar the Blind Cat swipes nonstop at the air, declaring that they won't give up on the world's tigers without a fight. And Mini Marmalade squeaks out, "NOOOOOOOO!!" in response to the frightening statistic that there are only 3,000 known tigers left in the world. The video brings together many well-known and lesser-known Internet cats, to squeak, purr, meow, and "roar" for the world's tigers.

The World Wildlife Fund says that we've lost 97% of the world's Asian tigers in just over a century. A lot of that is due to conflicts between people and tigers. People increasingly push tigers (and other wild animals) out of their habitats, taking their space and forcing their prey into other areas. Tigers have, overall, lost 93% of their natural habitat worldwide.

According to Greenpeace's blog, some of the human-caused habitat destruction is palm oil plantations in Indonesia, illegal logging in eastern Russia, and coal mining in India. These problems aren't getting better; they're getting worse. In fact, it's so bad that it's possible there are more tigers living in captivity in the U.S. than there are left in the wild.

In 2010, CNN published an article that had another startling statistic: In the U.S., there could be as many as 5,000 tigers in captivity here, compared to the 3,000 in the wild. They do know that some of those tigers are in accredited zoos and sanctuaries. However, many more are living at roadside attractions, or in backyards. The idea that there are more tigers in captivity just in the U.S. than there are left in the wild is absolutely appalling.

Greenpeace released the video on Tuesday, July 29, to coincide with International Tiger Day. They've been working hard to save the tigers, but they need help. You can get in on this by taking pictures of your cats, and putting messages on them saying how much you and your furry feline friends care about saving the world's tigers. Then you can upload them to Greenpeace's "Cats Save Tigers" website, here.

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