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Cats-R-AdreAnne – just ask her

If you want to help your kitty, look no further than Two Bostons and AdreAnne Tesene.
Two Bostons

AdreAnne Tesene, owner and co-founder of Two Bostons, is not only an expert in the dog world, but when it comes to felines, she is pretty in-the-know, too. Part of the service that AdreAnne provides for those that are customers and receive the Two Bostons online newsletter is a Question and Answer Forum called Got a Pet-Related Question? AdreAnne Shares Her Expert Insights!

AdreAnne knows exactly what it takes to help the furry members of each family. She wants to ensure each animal leads a healthy, more vibrant life. She is happy to help provide all kitty parents with useful answers and suggestions to make certain all of their family members are happy and healthy. When you click on Submit your questions here, you must include your first name and your last initial so that AdreAnne will mention you specifically when answering your question. By doing so, you get the information that will help you care for your feline better and AdreAnne will feel as though she has fulfilled her responsibility to you and your furry loved one!

It is small things like her online answer forum that has helped AdreAnne and Andy Tesene and the balance of the Two Boston teams to develop such a rapport with the communities in which their stores reside. Because of that rapport, Two Bostons is honored, for the sixth year in a row, to be voted “Best Pet Store” in Naperville by their customers. The amazing title would not be possible without the trust you have in the owners of Two Bostons, their team members and the products that they carry. The winners are determined by the great folks at Naperville Magazine that oversee the annual voting process.

One product that Two Bostons has to offer both cats and dogs is Pure Vita. As states the name, this food’s ingredients are pure and all natural. They are created with health benefits in mind but are delicious; make with a single-source in mind: protein.

Feeding your kitty cat this food helps to promote clear, supple skin and a full, shiny coat. Two Bostons knows this, so they carry this product and others similar to it in order to give a variety for pet parents to choose from. They want pets to have a diverse selection of foods and other products just for them.

It is no wonder with fabulous products and services that Two Bostons is so well liked and respected. Just ask AdreAnne – perhaps she will share her secrets of success with you, too!

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