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Cats have feelings too

Mark and cats have made their amends; meet his Henry.
Mark and cats have made their amends; meet his Henry.
Alan Weaver

Just because cats may not always be the cuddliest of creatures (only if they want to be), they seemed to randomly get picked on by various individuals and groups of individuals. Some people would do anything to see this species of animals go out of existence.

Thankfully, there are people like Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell,” that are willing to step in and find out if a cat has issues and what those particular issues just happen to be (is it their human?) before the cat ends up in a rescue, shelter, or worse, yet, on the street, left to fend for themselves. Currently his services are needed in Oregon with a black-and-white cat that clawed a baby after said baby pulled the cat’s tail.

This is not an uncommon issue with babies and felines. There have been many instances in which the baby doesn’t know not to pick on the living, breathing cat and if mom and dad are not around to teach the small child any better, the cat will either suffer through the abuse or lash back at the baby. Well, that tends to get mom and dad’s attention, but usually affects the cat negatively because all blame seems to be focused back on them!

As Jackson Galaxy has proclaimed many times, cats do not turn on their families for absolutely no reason at all. Perhaps there is more than meets the eye in circumstances such as this! Before the cat gets condemned to a life of hell, or no life at all, Galaxy attempts to do everything that he can to ensure family happiness, security and the pet’s safety.

Where was he when my brother was little? Mark decided to try to ride our Gray Tabby Cat named Puff. Puff was a generous sized cat, so little Mark thought it was a good idea while mom and dad had their back turned.

Well, you have to hang on to something, so cat ears seemed to do the trick and to get the cat to go, that long, thick tail needed a good pulling. Puff did not take too kindly to this and bit Mark.

You would think that after all the crying and the cat’s attempt to get away from the little cowboy, that the situation would resolve itself, but not, Mark solved it himself by grabbing his baby plastic bat at smacking Puff with it. Poor Puff got the raw end of the deal all the way around, but he never went near Mark again.

Would Jackson Galaxy approve of Mark’s solution? I think not my special friend!

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